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Introduction: Thomas More (1478-1535), was recognized throughout early sixteenth-century Europe as one of the great lawyers, Christian humanists, and classical scholars of his day.

Biography ofThomas More .

Thomas More was born in London in 1478. He was educated at
St Anthony's School in London, then he studied at Oxford University. Around 1494, Thomas More studied law at New Inn. Hisfirst
meeting with Erasmus spent in 1499 and it's at this moment that Erasmus took place for all his life.
Some years later he became barrister but soudainly he had desire to living in a monastery forhave a life of monaster. This time didn't during because he decided to participate at the politics life of his country and he entered Parliament in 1504. One year after , He married Jane Colt who Gavehim 3 childrens.
After the death of Henry VIII, Thomas More attracted the attention of Henry VIII and he began his famous book Utopia.

In 1518, he became a member of the privy council and wasknighted in 1521 in France.He was very appreciated by the king So he was made Speaker of the House of Commons in 1523 but he didn't want.

It's in 1529 that he became Chancellor of the Realm , he isthe first laic to get this post .

With his power , Thomas More didn't wait to imprisoned a lot of people thinking like Luther since he lead a veritable fight against him.

In April, 1534, Morerefused to swear to the Act of Succession so He was beheaded for being against the religious policy of Henry VIII on July 1535. He was buried in the Tower of London in an anonymous grave and the head wassuspended on London Bridge.


The word Utopia is of Greek origin and means something like 'nowhere',

Thomas More Wrote Utopia in 1516.We can see in this work above all a criticism ofthe European society but more precisely of the English society of the XVIth century.Thomas More defends the tolerance and the discipline through an imaginary world, an ideal world for him.

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