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Tired of Dreaming – Broad Ways Term. pp. 68-71
Illustration: Bono from rock group U2, in Africa on a four-country tour that took him to Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Ethiopia.
A black man and a white man are shaking hands. The scene must take place in Africa. The white man with the blue shades / sunglasses is Bono, lead singer of the famous Irish band U2.
Read the whole text without stoppingat unknown words and give each paragraph a short title.
§1 " Bono : a worldwide symbol of rock-’n’-roll activism
§2 " Bono’s first involvement in Africa
§3 " a pragmatic activist
§4 " music & politics

1. Correction fiche de C°E - Understanding the text
Paragraph 1
1. Quote four expressions used to qualify Bono.
a. “... a shrewd, dedicated political advocate...” (l.4) c. “... a worldwidesymbol of rock-’n’-roll activism” (l.7)
b. “... the most secular of saints...” (l.6) d. “Part poet, part pol...” (l.8)
2. Use the context to deduce the meaning of the following words.
a. shrewd (l.4): R rusé £ innocent £ habile £ insensible £ perspicace £ vulnérable
b. pol (l.8)is the contraction of : £ policy maker £ polyvalent £ policeman R politician
c. agenda (l.11):£ agenda Rprogramme £ carnet de bord £ journal £ courrier
3. Explain Bono’s aim in your own words. (50 words)
Bono is dedicated to the cause of Africa, to “solving the financial and health crisis in Africa” (l.9) He tries to sensitize the world’s most powerful politicians to Africa’s plight. He’d like them to become concerned by the African crisis and to study solutions to the problem. (46 words)
Paragraph 24. Find the equivalents of the following words (in this context and in the right order).
a. engagement : involvement (l.13) d. partie (d’un concert) : set (l.17)
b. manière : fashion (l.14) e. orphelinat : orphanage (l.19)
c. secours : relief (l.16) f. brume : mist (l.19)
5. The first sentence (l.14) means that Bono: was £ wasn’t R deeply concerned by Africa’s problems at first.
6. What wasthe goal of Band Aid and Live Aid?
Their goal was to help the famine victims in Ethiopia by organizing sympathy pop concerts.
7. Compare Bono and his wife’s attitude to that of other singers. (Complete the sentence.)
Instead of leaving the next day as most musicians did, they decided to stay on in Ethiopia near the starving people “to find out just how bad the African famine was”. (l.18)
8.What impressed them in Ethiopia?
a. the number of dead and abandoned children b. a man who wanted to give them his child
Paragraph 3
9. Find the equivalents of the following words (in this context and in the right order).
a. effacer : erase (l.25) f. échanges commerciaux : trade (l.30)
b. laisser tomber : drop (l.27) g. responsabilité financière : accountability (l.30)
c. célèbre :high-profile (l.27) h. s’abstenir de : refrain from (l.35)
d. porte-parole : spokesman (l.28) i. discuter de : argue (l.36)
e. lancer : launch (l.28) j. moralisateur : preachy (l.37)
10. Sum up the aims of Jubilee 2000 / Drop the Debt and DATA briefly.
Jubilee 2000 / Drop the Debt
“... to get the US and other wealthy nations as well as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, toerase the public debt of 52 of the world’s poorest countries, most of them in Africa.” (l.24)
Same goal as Jubilee 2000 / Drop the debt + “short-term economic aid, lowered trade embargoes and money to fight AIDS, in return for democracy, accountability and transparency...” (l.29)
11. True or False? Circle the correct answer and justify by quoting from the text.

For years Bonoremained deeply affected by his visit to the Ethiopian orphanage.

“The experience remained with him through 1999...” (l.23)

Bono is aware that he has an important role to play.

“... he also knows that no one else with his kind of access to media and money has taken on the job.” (l.33)

Bono tries to move (émouvoir) people when presenting the African issue.

“... he...
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