To kill a mockingbird

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To what extent was Tom Robinson faith sealed the moment Mayelle Ewell accused him of rape ?

In America slavery was present during more than 200 years. Everybody that had a bite of money had to have slaves. It was normal at the time, point of views were very different from today.

Maycomb county Alabama, in the 1930’s. Slavery had just ended 70 years ago, so people were still extremely prejudiced against black people, except for certain rare cases that had the audacity to not be like the rest of the community. At the time if you wanted to be considered as a normal human being you had to be racist and you had to respect the social hierarchy. At the top their was the rich white people then the poor white people, and at the bottom, no matter what they did in life their was black people.
The neighborhood was very separated from the black community. They had different schools, different churches, bars… nobody at the time would respect a negro. To the eyes of a white person they didn’t matter more than dirt.

Then one day, Mayella Ewell a poor but white girl tricks him into her house. She wants him to kiss her. Tom Robinson was in a no win situation. If he ran away, he would be guilty, if he kissed her he would be guilty, and if he resisted to her, he would be even guiltier. His best option was to run away. But people would think he was running away from what he did, when in fact he was running away from what he didn’t do. In the court room, when Tom was cross examed by Mr. Gillmer he accidentally said as self defense that he felt sorry for Mayella Ewell ! In the 1930’s in Alabama, if a black man felt sorry for a white person, it meant that he thought he was better than him. In this case it was true; T.R was probably in a better economic situation than her.

Before the verdict, Atticus gave a very influential speech that said you had to trust the evidences and not what the population thought! At this point their was still a good chance that Tom Robinson

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