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Work Session in English
Theme: e-commerce

It is the use of electronic media for carrying out commercial transactions. Most of the time it comes to selling products through theInternet but the term E-commerce also includes the mechanism for Internet shopping.
Customers making purchases on the Internet is called Cyber-customers.

The benefits of e-commerce
for now:
It opens anew distribution channel, a complementary circuit for some
Products and Services Company.
- It provides catchment area boundaries or at least very enlarged at a cost
Presence of relatively weak.The potential market for the company can easily
multiply by 10, 100 or 1000 while minimizing costs.
- It pushes the boundaries of both competition and force new thinking
- It can covermarket niches where the interference is considered too expensive by
Traditional means of marketing.
- It provides greater ease compared to SVC and remote control
through traditional media thatcombine sound, image, colour, text and

For customers
- E-commerce is an extraordinary tool for screening;
- Finding the best price;
- No pressure from vendors;
- A flea market worldwide;- Time saving;

for now:
It is clear that obstacles to the development of e-commerce are still numerous in
France, notably due to penetration still relatively low and aPsychological resistance.
- Uncertainty and lack of confidence around securing means
Payment, despite the fact that future methods of data encryption ensure
an almost perfect privacy in the transaction.
-Resistance intermediaries (wholesalers, distributors) who fear the destruction
on jobs with a loss of revenue.

For customers:
- The tracking information from cookies, that is to say, these smallfiles that identify
the calling computer uniquely able to trace all the calling patterns and
- Insecurity payments and fear of falling ill on a cybermarchand honest
do not deliver....
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