Truman doctrine vs jdanov doctrine

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Stated March 12, 1947 by U.S. President Harry Truman (speech to the United States Congress), it is the containment of communism worldwide.

Basic policy ofthe United States against the Communist bloc during the Cold War. Specifically, the Truman doctrine, or policy of containment (containment), based on an offer of military and financial assistancefrom the United States, speaking to countries determined to resist communist pressures.

This policy is important break with the traditional policy of sending U.S. troops only in time of war, exceptthe Americas (see Monroe Doctrine, 1823).

In the immediate postwar period, it concerned the most exposed countries such as Greece, Turkey or Iran, and if it was successful in Europe (especially theMarshall Plan, which follows directly), the Truman Doctrine will not have the same success in Asia (especially China). However, it is at the origin (at least in part) through the Marshall Plan ofeconomic rise of Japan.

The Truman Doctrine marked the beginning of the Cold War. It is followed by the proclamation of the Soviet Zhdanov Doctrine (September 1947) recognizes that the disposal of theworld into 2 camps:

* "Imperialist forces" (led by the United States)

* "Peace forces" (conducted by the USSR).

I really like this text because we can compare it with the doctrineJdanov. It was at the conference Szklarska Poreba-(Poland), founder of the Cominform, Andrei Jdanov present its report Sept. 22, 1947. It will then be published October 7, 1947, in Le Monde. This is todefine the new political face of Soviet Western camp, in reaction to the Truman Doctrine.

In good ideologue, Jdanov offers a Manichean analysis would become characteristic of the problem of the ColdWar looming then. Against the war and U.S. imperialism, it was necessary, he said, mobilize all forces. There was no question of working with the citizens and the Social Democrats, now regarded as...
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