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V : Hello, can I help you ?
C : Oh yes
V : Are you looking for something special ?
C : Yes I would like to buy a photo frame
V : Is it a gift or for yourself?
C : Oh no just for men for to put it down on my office
V : Do you have a digital camera ?
C : Yes
V : I would like to introduce you our new product andwhich would answer your need perfectly.
C : Show me
V : It is about a digital photo frame, you have already heard about it?
C : No
V : He allows to stocknumerical photographs since your digital camera. It is easy to use, letting you choose a new photo to show every day. Contrary to the classic frame where you areforced to choose a single photo. In more, it includes a quick touch border, which protects the screen from smudges. With a 7-inch screen and 480 x 234 resolution.
C: Oh it is really ingenious !
V : Furthermore he allows a decoration of inside which has the advantage to vary, according to your wishes : portraits, images ofholidays and so gives the possibility of creating the atmosphere of circumstance. Design side, it is a happy medium between your frames and small flat-screentelevision.

C : it’s really interesting and the design is beautiful it pleases me very much…

V : To know that the frame numerical photograph Kodak P720 DigitalPicture Frame is guaranteed 5 years and that you have 10 days to bring it back to us if you not satisfied, for the price of 54.99 it’s a good value for money.C : The price is reasonable. I pay in credit card.

V : I let you type your code. Thank you for your time.

C : Thanks to you. Bye

V : Have a good day !
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