Vieillissement de la population

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Why is aging important for financial planning?
Nowadays one of the biggest politic and economic issues is the aging of the world’s population. The structure of the society resumed in age bracketsshould have the form of a pyramid. The base of the pyramid, the largest part, represents the labour forces, and at the top it shows the part of the pensioners. It is the only way to make work theeconomic system of every country. Younger people pay for the pensions of the old ones. More the younger population is, less important is the cost of pensions for it. The main problem is that at present theaging population trends to reverse the pyramid. We should ask ourselves how the economy is supposed to be efficient when there is a problem in this basic conception of the economics theory.
First ofall, there are two main causes for the aging of the population: the lower fertility and the greater longevity. Women all over the world, and especially in the rich countries, are having fewerchildren. In the modern times they seem to be a lot more preoccupied by their career than by family issues. Furthermore, it is more difficult to a single working parent to procure the necessary money supportfor a bigger family. So there we can find an important impact on the financial planning. The governments should get more interested in helping such families by according them more fringe benefits. Butthere is no particular political interest in doing so – those families will always have only two votes to give.
Second, the greater longevity is also making a hole in the public finance. Incountries with developed social security system it represents an important financial burden. Old people have more healthy problems and need more medical help. And it is mostly the government who provideslong-term care for them. We can image the millions that cost all the medicines and medical examinations and how those costs amplify accordingly to the increase of the old population. And this is the...
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