Vocabulaire anglais

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Unit 4
Archimedes: discovered the concept of volume deplacement serendipity: the faculty of discovering something accident by chance.
To design: to create an invigilator: a patent: un brevet ethic: moral principal business ethic out of blue: without thinking: sudden and unexpected opportunity: favourable time or chance to do sth to get a foothold: to enter, to penetrate a market a range: a set of products made by a company to meet a need: to do or provide sth that is necessary a breakthrough: an important discovery or change.
To take advantage of an opportunity: to do sth when you get the chance to do it to raise somebody status: to make somebody look of feel more important to enter a market : to start selling goods or services in a new area to extend a product range: to offer a larger variety of goods to make a breakthrough : to make an important discovery or change.
Brainstorming is a technique to help people produce a lot of ideas.
Out of the blue happens suddenly when nobody expects it. to overlap: you start talking before the other person has finished
3R's: reduce, recycle, reuse to fill a gap a gap: sth that is missing to launch: the presentation of the product to the market lean: having a show interest to sth peak: when the trips at the highest to speak in turn: each talk les 3 premiers jours: the first 3 days. serendipity : the faculty of discovering something to accident
Ethic patent : something to protect your discovery to design : to create , to invent invigilator : somebody who watch an exam a patent : something to protect your invention ethic : moral principe out of the blue : without thinking , sudden and unexpected opportunity : a chance to do something to get a foothold : to penetrate , to enter a market range : a set of products made by a company to make a breakthrough : an important discovery or change rat race : endless and fierce competition for successful fierce : angry and violent to breathe deaply

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