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Ethiopie : water, the development’s key

A small, but growing number of people think that a looming shortage of drinking water constitutes a much larger crisis. Water consumption is doubling every twenty years, but the supply isn't growing at the same rate.

Three billion people in the world don't have easy access to a toilet and thousands of kids die a day from water-related complications.By 2035, as many as three billion people may live in areas with severe water shortages, especially if they live in Africa, the Middle East, or South Asia, predicts the World Bank.
Too much or too little water can spell disaster in the world’s poorest nations. It’s the case of Ethiopia which is an agriculture-driven country.

Indeed, despite improvements, Ethiopia remains one of the poorestnations in the world. Life expectancy at birth in 2004 was 48 years, while 46% of the population was undernourished between 2001 and 2003.

Moreover, coverage levels for water and sanitation in Ethiopia are among the lowest in the world. According to official figures, 31 per cent of households have access to safe water, and 18 per cent of households have access to sanitation facilities.

Inaddition to low coverage levels, water quality is another major problem, as evidenced by frequent outbreaks of water related epidemics in both rural and urban areas. Contamination of water supplies by cattle dung and human excreta is frequent. High fluoride levels in water are a particular problem in the Rift Valley regions of the country.

The main problem is increased susceptibility to water-bornediseases such as diarrhoea and dysentery, water-washed diseases such as trachoma and scabies, water-based diseases such as schistosomiasis, and water-related insect vectors including malaria. In Ethiopia, an estimated three-quarter of the health problems of children and communicable diseases, originate from the environment.

Low levels of water and sanitation coverage also have important socialimplications. Women and children spend several hours every day fetching water. The time spent fetching water could be used to care for children in the home, rest or employment in income generating activities. For girls, the task of carrying water combined with lack of sanitary facilities in schools often stands in the way of their education and traveling long hours to remote sources exposes girlsto increase rates of abduction and rape.

Consequently, the access to drinking water, hard restricted, constitutes for the country, the main key of economic and health development.

III) moyens à mettre en œuvre

Présenter ce qu'on va faire: moyens matériels, humain, pourkoi besoin d'investisseurs, qu'est ce que ça leur apporte?

Why be going to invest you? With us?

We think to developa partnership with us, is to develop equality, between the south countries and north countries.

It’s for us, to have donors like you, because we have trusted in you. With your lasting development department, we can set up (metre en place) a good relationship, because like you we want to have better connexions between, the social level, the economic level, and environment level.

We thinktoo, is necessary, for this population, from WERDER, it’s an opportunity to develop itself, by the drink water. For the young people and the others have a good health. If they have it, the education will increase. For the other people, good health to develop agriculture, and a better longevity.

Thanks to you, we can have a worldwide image, because you are a worldwide bank.

You tell us, why you?Because, in the one hand you begin to set up a lasting development department, and we think it’s a state of mind. And in the other hand, we have a same think about this situation of Africa, the link it’s the economic development, for them, and for you.

If you have a partnership with a NGO like us, it’s simpler for you to have a localisation in the countries which are to increase them.0...
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