A lesson before dying

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ladies uncomfortable. Tante Lou asks Vivian about her background and beliefs. Vivian goes to church regularly, although it’s to the Catholic church. Tante Lou presses Vivian about whether she would drop her religion to marry Grant, the atheist. Vivian says she hopes she would not have to do that, but that if she had to, she would. Grant quickly ushers Vivian onto the porch. Vivian tells Grantthat she is happy to know that at least other families criticize their children as much as her family does. Grant insists that his family differs from hers. Vivian becomes very quiet and then says she must go. The ladies say that Vivian is a “lady of quality” and encourage her to remain a Christian woman. After the interrogation, Vivian leaves gratefully with Grant. They watch a black girl and herboyfriend walking home from church holding hands. Grant thinks to himself, “Good luck.”
Chapter 16 : On Monday, Grant sees Tante Lou, Reverend Ambrose, and Miss Emma returning from visiting Jefferson. They stop at Miss Emma’s house and go inside. In school, Grant finds his students planning for the annual Christmas program. He reminds them to keep just one person in mind this Christmas season,referring to Jefferson. At her request, Grant visits Miss Emma. Miss Emma knows Grant lied about his previous visit to Jefferson, because her own visit was disturbing: Jefferson asked her if she had any “corn for a hog,” asking viciously and repeatedly until Miss Emma grew so distressed that she slapped him. Grant is irritated, feeling once again that he cannot help Jefferson and stating that he willnot let Jefferson make him feel guilty. Tante Lou insists that Grant continue his visits.
Chapter 17 : Over the course of the week, Grant feels his anger dissipating. He reflects on the fact that he never stays angry for a long time, although he never believes in anything for very long either. On Friday, when Grant enters Jefferson’s cell, he has no idea how to help Jefferson. He tries talkingabout Miss Emma and the pain Jefferson causes her. Jefferson says that Grant wouldn’t be talking about love and compassion if Grant sat on death row. Jefferson says he never asked to be born. Saying that Grant’s visits anger him, Jefferson threatens to scream and cause a ruckus. Grant thinks that despite Jefferson’s angry words, his eyes indicate that he needs Grant. Jefferson says only the livingneed to have good manners; then he throws his food on the floor.At Guidry’s request, Grant enters his office and stands for a few minutes, waiting as the sheriff talks on the phone. When Guidry finally hangs up, he asks Grant whether or not he sees an improvement in Jefferson, and Grant answers sincerely that he does not. Guidry is angry, and Grant finds out later that his anger stems from a visitMiss Emma paid to Mrs. Guidry, during which she asked if she could meet with Jefferson in the dayroom or in some other large room so that she could sit down. Grant denies Guidry’s accusation that Grant encouraged Miss Emma to make the request. Guidry asks Clark and a “fat man” named Frank what he should do. Clark declares that Jefferson should remain in his cell, Frank declines to answer, andGuidry decides to ask Jefferson what he would prefer. Still, Guidry says, even if Jefferson gets to go to the dayroom, he will have to be in shackles.
Chapter 18 : As promised, Guidry asks Jefferson if he would like to meet his visitors in the dayroom, and he says he would. When Miss Emma, Tante Lou, and Reverend Ambrose visit Jefferson in the day room, Jefferson’s arms and legs are shackled. Hesits down at the table and Miss Emma tries to feed him, but he refuses to eat.Grant goes to visit Jefferson. Again, Jefferson refuses to eat. Grant mentions the Christmas program, and Jefferson asks whether Christmas was when Christ was born or when he died. Grant responds, “Born.” Jefferson says that Easter was when “they nailed Him to the cross.” Grant asks Jefferson if he knows what “moral”...
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