L'alcool, les fêtes et la drogue (anglais)

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Parties, alcohol and drugs

Why teenagers of today are drinking alcohol in parties?

Today, the teenagers don’t imagine a party without alcohol nor drugs. Indeed, some try to escaping andothers want drown one’s sorrows in drink,
The alcohol facilitates the approach, the contact or to chat up.

Younger is drinking for fun or for doing as friends. Now, for teenagers, it’s impossibleto have fun when there is no alcohol.
The young people abandon the wine for the beer and strong alcohols; the drunkenness is more frequent.

There are 4 types of people that consume or not alcohol:The first type (36%) includes not drinkers and small occasional drinkers who accept only rarely a glass of champagne, an aperitif with family, a glass of rosé in restaurant.
The woman are too muchrepresented in this group, sign that the alcohol at the women is disapproved.
The second type (4%) groups small regular drinker. Mostly the adults, this consumers privilege the daily and moderateusage.
They appreciate the taste of the alcohol, in particular the wine and drink to accompany the meals.
The third type (46%) collects "drinkers of weekend". These young people do not drink orrarely in the week but consume alcohol during the evenings of end of the week.
The last type (14 %) is “to drink to drink". Drink is associated with the parties between friends. The evenings often aimto the drunkenness.

"Binge Drinking" is a phenomenon well-known for several years in the United Kingdom, in Ireland and in the Scandinavian countries. It corresponds to the absorption of a maximalquantity of alcohol in a minimum of time, an acute alcoholic poisoning, to obtain an acute drunkenness, even an ethylic coma. The action of the alcohol is more important at the girls in particular.Why the drug besides the alcohol?

Teenagers try drugs for many reasons including relaxation, socialising or curiosity.

Cannabis is the most common illegal drug used by teenagers. They can...
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