L'europe et le monde dominé

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A) Global overview

:. Original title: Fast Food Nation, or more precisely, "The Dark Side of the All-American Meal"
:. Director: Richard Linklater
:. Cast: Greg Kinnear, Patricia Arquette, Avril Lavigne ...
:. Screenplay: Richard Linklater Eric Schlosser:. Lenght : 1 hour and 35 minutes
:. Production year : 2006
:. Country: USA

B) Synopsys. (film synopsis).

A frame (Greg Kinnear) share investigate farmer in the State of Colorado. Following his investigation, he will not see the precarious world that surrounds the sprawling meat industry. A blindness which is of course echoed by the U.S. government in relation to its immigration. But not only.Labor markets but still hidden.

c) Based on the book by Eric Shlosser.


E) The main character.

II Impact .

A) It complained of.

**Dubious quality

The book and film expose the meat quality and health risks. It reveals how a company slaughterhouse, the UMP (sic) operates South Americanworkers in hygiene limits. Eric Schlosser criticizes in particular the risk of food poisoning, following several cases that have occurred in some U.S. institutions after the contamination and improper cooking of hamburgers.Moreover, the health situation seems less alarming for the U.S.: a study of U.S. Department of Health have shown that 7.5% of beef samples collected from processing plants of the meat was contaminated with Salmonella, 11 , 7% and 30% Listeria by Staphylococcus golden ! In France, a priori drastic health checks suggest that the situation is different .And it should be noted that some fast food, a well known brand in mind ,have insisted in recent years about their commitment to quality, certainly recognize the need to reassure consumers, especially since the mad cow disease.

**Social Problems

The film also denounces the social conditions prevailing in these fast foods: the U.S., these are businesses that often employ the

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