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Bollywood is the name given to the Indian cinematographic industry based to Mumbai ( Bombay) and whose movies are realized hindî (and in ourdou) there. It is about the most popularconstituent of the Indian cinema, the most important for the world in number of sour(turned) movies. The movies of Bollywood, spread(broadcasted) in all India, are exported all over the world, inparticular in the countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and the Southeast Asia. With more than 800 movies tunred every year, India is the first producer of cinema of the world.

The actors whom wecan often met are Aish Warya Rai spoke which was a beauty queen universe in 1994 and ambassadress of the l’oréal in 2006 and sharu khan himit "brad pitt" of India.

Some actors and Indian movies :· Movies :

Main hoon na, jhoom barabar jhoom, chori chori, devdas, hum tum, kuch kuch hota hai, om shanti om, paheli, jab we met, salam namasta,...

· Actors :

Sharu khan,Aish warya Rai, Hitrick Roshan, Kajol, Saif ali Khaan, Amitab Bashan and his wife Jaya, Rani Mukejri...


Certain clothes are carried in all the territory Indian as the sariand the others go only rarely or in zones rural as lungi. Nowadays, the traditional clothes return fashionably and are retouched by young modern stylists. It is only for some years when we can see aready-to-wear clothing varied and elegant, intended especially for the middle classes which remain the target of these young creators.

Le sari :


The Indian cooking ( kitchen )The current variety of the Indian cooking is the result of the importing invasions: Mughals, the British,and the Portuguese. Today, this rich and varied cooking ( kitchen) represents the wealthiness ofthe Indian culture. The food ( supply ) strictly vegetarian is the one Brahmans. The year infinite tasteful variety Uncountable spices create: ginger, to coriander, black, cinnamon pepper, etc. The...
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