L'influence de l'"american way of life" en europe

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The "american way of life" influence in Europe and in France

Intro :

The american way of life can be defined as an american idea which wants to respect several principles of the declaration of independence like life, freedom and happiness.
But, it can also refer to people lifestyle in their everyday life. Actually, to go further, it's now related to "the american dream" and the "americanexceptionalism" which puts the USA at the top of the world, as if they were different and unique.
This expression was well known since the cold war in order to make a difference between american and USSR politics, by underlining ideas of democraty and capitalism

In the 50’s there was a conflict between the USA and the USSR : it was the beginning of the Cold war. For 40 years, they both wantedto be the best in the world. They were competitors in every field : politically, economically and militarily. This was Communism against capitalism. In 1991, the USSR disappeared, this was the triumph of the American model. Since 1991, they are chief of the world, we call them “gendarmes du monde”.
They have an influence everywhere in the world, especially in Europe.
So, how is the influence ofthe American model visible in Europe?
To answer this question we will see the geopolitical hegemony of the USA and their influence in our everyday life.

I/ A geo-political hegemony

A/ Capitalism and Army

Since 1991, the USA imposed their economical model to the world, this has been the triumph of capitalism. Capitalism is an economical system based on the private ownership of means ofproduction, distribution, and exchange; characterized by freedom of capitalists to operate or manage their property for profit in competitive conditions. This is knows as the Big Business policy. Thanks to capitalism, they dominate the world in many specialties like agriculture. The countries of Europe were seduced by this model an adopted it quickly. Nowadays, this economical system is really usedin the developed countries. The USA assured their influence by implanting some FIRMS everywhere in the world. Thanks to the predominance of the dollar, they used to be the creditors of the world.

The USA influence is also visible by their army. They have many bases in the world, some of them are leftovers of the cold war. It is also important to say that the ONU headquarters are located in NewYork, which shows their supremacy. They also have the veto right in the Security Council in the ONU.
The success of the USA made them really attractive. Every year, many people migrate to the USA legally or illegally…

B/ The Migration

Migration is people who move from a country to another one. Thanks to numbers, we can recognize countries attracting more people, which can be a good way tomake comparisons between countries, like a hierarchy. Here, the first attractive country is North america, followed by Europe and the middle east. So we're going to learn which part of the world is interested in moving to the US, and why they do so.

--> according to our map, it is mexican people who emigrate the most to the USA. This can be explained by the proximity of the 2 countries and aboveall, because of the inequalities... Several solutions have been setted up in order to decrease thoses inequalities, for example, treaties like ALENA which created a free trade agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada. But despite those measures, mexican people keep crossing the border to find better jobs and living conditions in the US

--> at the same level, central americans and europeansmove to the US as well. On the one hand, central americans are attracted in the wealthy US for the same reasons than mexican people.
But on the other hand, on the contrary the european migration brings another dimension of the USA attraction. In deed, we can assume that the european continent knows a developpement quite close to the american one, which means that there's another explanation...
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