L'informatique peut'il resoudre tous les problemes de l'humanite?

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The computer is an information machine; it takes information in, works with it and puts information out. Today we notice that it intervenes in many domains and it becomes indispensable for human development.
This is why we ask us this question: is the computer a good and final alternative for human development.
In this work we are going to answer to this question. Primary wewill show the importance of the computer and finally we will give the limit of using it.

A / Importance of the computer in the life of humanity
1 /-Professional plan
a / -Scientific research

The arrival of the new information technologies andthe communication in the universe of health was lived as the real revolution by the professionals of the sector. Indeed, it is a help to the diagnosis and to the prescription as far as she allows the doctor to verify a difficult diagnosis, and to guide it in her strategy of complementary use of the examinations for a better diagnostic approach thanks to internet where there are forums for doctor.The computer also allows guiding the doctor in its prescriptions of complementary examinations for the follow-up of a patient and preventive care. Furthermore, the computer allows the management computerized by the medical file of the patients in the sense that we keep in the form of computer file the file of the patient with the following elements: identity, histories, previous consultations; dataprivate hospitals, examinations, imaging, biometrics; correspondents; specialized consultations, reports of observation, hospitable reports; current treatments; certificates, mails; warning device; personal notes … Finally he allows the sharing of medical files and the exchange of electronic data between doctors via internet and also to create new processes and medical devices such as theelectron microscope which has allowed the best display of germs with the aim of a good analysis, the microsurgery which facilitates the surgical operations of very big precision.

*Computing in the service of the scientific research

Thanks to the computer, it is possible to feign experiments instead of realizing them effectively:
Where from a considerableearnings of time, money, complexity of the calculations, as well for the basic research as for the education of the sciences. So, in pharmacology, we can feign the chemical reactions engendered by a new molecule of synthesis. So, the searches advance and we can have the opinion of the other researchers.

b/-Contribution of the computing in company

Computing is anindispensable tool for any company and its functions are numerous. Indeed, the numerous existing professional software on the market simplifies and accelerates the execution of numerous tasks, such as the accounting, the establishment of pay slips, the inventory control, commands, and customer relationships. So, the computer allows the consultation and the management of bank accounts in the sensethat we can via internet, to consult at any time the state of its accounts and to realize bank transactions without having to move. . It establishes a saving of time and thus of money, but also a comfort not to be neglected. Besides, thanks to the internet we can contribute to the fame of a company thanks to the creation of a site which will be dedicated to him. This one will be the on-line shopwindow of the company presenting its activity, the products or the services that she proposes, and the contacts of said begun. This tool of promotion allows attracting prospects. Finally the computing allowed developing partnerships between companies as far as we look for twin companies to widen the professional network. It establishes a saving of time and thus of money, but also a comfort not to...
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