M-commerce, a future business?

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M-Commerce, a future business?

Currently, there is more 3 billions of cell phone in the world. Now, cell phone is considered like a primordial thing and we can do more and more thing with our cell phone. The Iphone's arrival changed the mentality, the way of think and many news possibilities are happening on the market. Websites are developed platforms for cell phone and lead to a newpossibility: m-commerce. Now, we can buy, order directly since a mobile phone connected by internet. Only, to connect to the Internet via their mobile phone and make a purchase, a practice that remains today still shy. But several of specialists say that m-commerce is the future business.
In this presentation, we try to understand why in developing the evolution of technology in mobile phone, thecustomer behavior and try to determinate the evolution m-commerce.
1. Presentation of mobile commerce

a. Definition and history
By definition, Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce), is “the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a Personal digital assistant (PDA), a smart phone, or other emerging mobile equipment such as dashtop mobile devices.”
We can see thatthe definition of Mobile Commerce is very large. For example, the fact of having upload logo or picture since your cell phone is considered like m-commerce. Only, in this paper, we are going to concentrate on the real shopping (with money transaction). If we exanimate us the M-commerce, we can notice that m-commerce is almost the same that Electronic commerce: just the support is different. Butm-commerce has additional challenges on all domains: security, usability, technology... We will see these points during the paper.
To understand this phenomenon, it's necessary to do a historical background of m-commerce. After the cell phone's arrival, the challenge was to include internet connection on this support. In 1997, Coca-Cola accepted the payment by SMS on his machines: it's the birthof Mobile Commerce. So we see that m-commerce exist since more 10 years. Only, m-commerce was limited of multimedia sell service: picture, rings... Phone was not equipping to support internet connection and mobile phone package was very expensive. Mobile phone package becomes affordable and surfing on internet since a cell phone start to be more pleasant. But, possibilities stay large yet andprevisions announce a future explosion.

b. Numbers and previsions

Nowadays, more and more people use or hope for use m-commerce. Nevertheless, percentage of persons having cell phone (smart phone) with internet connection and persons who used this for m-commerce is still low. Several constraints persist. On this picture, we can see the part of European internet users interested by purchaseon mobile

Another French survey, realized by ATG, reveals numbers following:
* 1/4 of French's consumers have already used the m-commerce
* 8% of consumers who tested m-commerce think that it's complicated
* 28% think that special offers and advertisement can promote m-commerce adoption
* 21% think that webmaster have to develop the platforms (website)
* 44% estimate thatinternet ratification is not clear and the connection is not fast

Only, previsions are more glorious (USA survey):
* 80% of US e-shop foresee to develop a website for mobile
* 8,5% of e-commerce could be via mobile in 2015 in USA
M-commerce will reach 23,8 billions of dollar in United States in 2015 according to Coda Research Consultancy which estimated numbers of phone user at 158millions. This number is almost the same for the European countries.
These numbers go in the same direction: m-commerce should be the future of e-commerce. Today, we know the power of that but it's not developed and stay complicated and it's not destined for all products. We are going to see in a second part what is changed and what should be changed and adapted
C. Comparison between E-commerce...
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