Aliens and oil

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This document is a black and white cartoon by a cartoonist called Plante. It was published in 2004 in Chattanooga times and it deals with America and its foreign policy.
To comment on this picturewe shall first describe it and then we’ll analyse its message.

So first of all, let’s describe what we can see.
The scene seems to take place on another planet, perhaps Mars or Jupiter, becausethere are aliens on it. They are situated in the foreground, on the left hand side. Their bodies have black dots, they have only three fingers on their hands, long noses which are pointy like theirears, and they have two short antennas on their heads. Apparently, they can speack, or at least they share a common language, because one is asking the other: “We don’t have any oil, do we?” Because ofthe question tag (“do we”?), we can easily understand that the answer it implies is “no we don’t “.
On the opposite side of the page, in the background, we can notice a small object advancing on theland (which looks like a desert of stones, something like the ground on the moon). One alien is looking at it and the question is asking is a reaction to the sight. In fact, there is a sort of smallexploring vehicle with the American flag on it. We can understand that it was sent by the USA to discover a new planet and examine the ground and its resources. That’s probably something from the NASA.TO comment on this cartoon, we could first say that it refers to a very fact; indeed, in 2003 the USA invaded Iraq, saying that it had weapons of mass destruction, which could be dangerous forthem. The other reason they gave to justify their invasion was to free the Iraqi people from Sadam Hussein’s dictatorship. In fact, there never was any weapon of mass destruction in Iraq and the realreason for going there was the important oil reserves on this territory. Now the USA is mired in a very difficult and dirty war, even if President Obama promised a progressive withdrawal of American...