(Anglais) tennessee williams – a streetcar named desire theme

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In these two scenes, we learn a lot of new things. We’ve decided to look more specifically on the previous life of Blanche. They are a lot of things that she hides. First example, on page 69: “I ran into him last winter. You know I went to Miami during the Christmas holidays? No. Well I did. I took the trip as an investment, thinking I’d meet someone with a million dollars. Did you? Yes, I raninto Shep Huntleigh – I ran into him on Biscayne Boulevard, on Christmas Eve, about dusk … getting into his car – Cadillac convertible; must have been a block long!” So, first able, when she goes in Miami (for example) in holidays, she takes that for an investment. Because she thinks that she will meet someone that could, after, give her this money back. She is attracted by the money. Some lineslater:”You’ve heard of oil-wells? Yes – remotely. He has them, all over Texas. Texas is literally spouting gold in his pockets.” Again, the only thing that interests her is money; here, she describes the empire that he has with the oil-wells. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that but she just spoke about that man and he’s fortune, but not about how he is, how he looks at, he’s body type… Just money…That rejoin what Sébastien said/will say with he’s theme about money, but we think that it over all an attitude. She has been educated so. Another time, at the very end of the page:” He’s married? Honey, would I be here if the man weren’t married? (Stella laughs a little.)” This third quotation resumes well Blanche’s mentality again, with this obsession of money.
On page 71 now, on lines 14 to 18:“Money just goes – it goes places. (She rubs her forehead.) Sometime today I’ve got to get hold of a bromo! I’ll fix you one now. Not yet – I’ve got to keep thinking.”Here, she’s lost, she doesn’t know how to get money; she tries to write her friend but she doesn’t know what to write… She don’t know how get out of her “evil” plan. She answers on Stella’s reply that she “has got to keep thinking”.That shows that Blanche wants to keep control on all. She always directs the dialogue. That’s here the important point to notice.
On page 73, line 10: “Then don’t you think your superior attitude is a bit out of place?” Here, it’s the attitude of Blanche that is described. Stella wants her to stop being so wicked with the other people, like Stanley or Steve. But that also proves us that Stellaand Blanche became the “good education”. We know that only on page 74, line 5, when Blanche says: “Suppose! You can’t have forgotten that much of our bringing up, Stella, that you just suppose that any part of a gentleman’s in his nature.” And we could have continued long… this passage shows us that the two girls have received a good education from their parents, but Blanche is now criticizingStella, because she didn’t make the good choice of her life partner. Blanche is just attacking Stella’s man. She said that he wasn’t a gentleman; she said that he wasn’t a normal man. She criticized him, saying that he’s an animal, on lines 13 and after… This big description presents us an animal, but she’s speaking about Stanley. That shows us also that Blanche is from a high family, which hasmoney… Stella should (on Blanche side) react like her, but she doesn’t.
On the next page, line 7, Blanche’s speaking: “[…] Maybe we are a long way from being made in God’s image, but Stella – my sister – there has been some progress since then! Such things as art – as poetry and music – such kinds of new light have come into the world since then!” All these things that are art, poetry and music arecultural activities that are more for people that are in a high social rank. I don’t know if the future child of Stella will play harp for example, or will study art. So here, we also see a difference of mind that rose up between the two sisters.
Later now, on scene five, first line: “What are you laughing at, honey? Myself, myself, for being such a liar.” Here, Blanche is laughing at her liar....