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11 i don't understand what you are speaking about
12 if people drank less, there would be fewer car crash accident
14 she is always talking about money, its annoying
15 i came by bus, it was a long and boring journey
16 it is ten minutes from here.go to the farm and get left
17 i don't remember having phoned him before leaving
18 if you resigned, you would not be entitled tounemployement benefits
19 they must have moved because i haven't heard about them for a long time
20 i would rather we talked about the last science's progress
If you look in an astronomy textbook about Venus and want to know if carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes warming, the answer is a very simple yes. Global Warming is only controversial because it affects economicinterests.

I'm not sure what you mean by how is does so: are you looking for a scientific explanation about how global warming gases let sunlight through the atmosphere but stop reflected light (heat) from bouncing back to outer space? Or how will warming be devastating: hurricanes, crop failures, species extinctions, tropical diseases expanding, coastal and island flooding as ice melts and oceansrise, deserts expanding, changing weather patterns causing mass migration with flooding in some places and droughts in others, and most of all, surprises.
Its not only the global warming....our economy will destroy much more
if we don t change the rules. depending the global warming...
our Clima is a fragile balance...only a few parameters changed..and perhaps we drive into a complete changingof this system.
Its similar too the effect, when you mix some colours ....there is a point when all is getting is no colour. but the peoples who drive the economical system at the moment only think in terms of fast profit, they NEVER take any responsibility which results that may
ozone layer depletion is the straight answer forthe cause of harm due to global warming.
due to large holes in ozone layer, harmful ultra-violet rays are easily entering earth's atmosphere and causing skin cancer when in direct contact with sun's rays.
one best solution is to say NO TO CFC CONTAINED SPRAYS N DEOS AND FRIDGES AND A.C.S...try out alternative mother mankind!
Affecting us, but not devastation. Moretropical diseases are heading north, essential pollinating bugs are dieing off. Life will be more difficult, but the people born today won't realize what life was like before so they won't notice any difference.
The evidence that humans are causing global warming is strong, but the question of what to do about it remains controversial. Economics, sociology, and politics are all importantfactors in planning for the future.
Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs) today, the Earth would still warm by another degree Fahrenheit or so. But what we do from today forward makes a big difference. Depending on our choices, scientists predict that the Earth could eventually warm by as little as 2.5 degrees or as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
A commonly cited goal is to stabilizeGHG concentrations around 450-550 parts per million (ppm), or about twice pre-industrial levels. This is the point at which many believe the most damaging impacts of climate change can be avoided. Current concentrations are about 380 ppm, which means there isn't much time to lose. According to the IPCC, we'd have to reduce GHG emissions by 50% to 80% of what they're on track to be in the nextcentury to reach this level.
Is this possible?
Many people and governments are already working hard to cut greenhouse gases, and everyone can help.
Researchers Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow at Princeton University have suggested one approach that they call "stabilization wedges." This means reducing GHG emissions from a variety of sources with technologies available in the next few...