Childhood case study

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My aims consist of identifying the needs of a three year old child named Robert who lived with his parents. I will find out the reasons why his needs as a child are being met or not. I will deal with the interpersonal issues that arise in this case study and suggest the most appropriate strategies to meet the need of all the family members.

Introduction:Through this case study I will analyse the physical, psychological, intellectual, social and emotional needs of Robert. I will find out why Robert’s comportment differs from other children of his age. I will deal with his mother Rachel and his father John needs as a parent, employer and a member of a society. I will more closely look for their relationship with Robert as it looks like there is a lack ofattention from them to their one and only child. Bonding is very important for Robert at this stage of his life as it enable him to feel love and secure. According to an article “ In the first year the emotional development is centred on his attachment to mother or caregiver. This attachment is very important and can have disastrous results for the child in later life if it is broken orinconsistent.”*1. After the maternity leave her mother was not enough available for him and thus his behaviour reflect this lack of attention as he is not able to attach to his carer. A psychologist named Freud states that “…Good nurturing in these early years is crucial. The young child needs security and continuity in parenting…”*2. He also agreed that a child needs the complete attention of a lovingadult so that he becomes a healthy well adjusted adult. We can say that bonding is of great importance at the very beginning of life and the consequences catastrophic like in the case of Robert who is unable to trust his carers and bond with them nor can he socialise in his care group.

The need of Robert:

As child Robert needs affection, being cuddled by his parents and being told that theyare proud of him. He needs to spent time with them and feels he has their undivided attention so that he knows they care for him and can thus build a relation of trust. Encouragement and praise are vital for the child to make progress and develop new skills. At his age he needs encouragement to explore and experiment new things safely. Robert needs to develop communication skills and be able tospeak. His anti-social behaviour shows he cannot integrate in society and this result in isolation. He needs to live in a particular place for a longer period of time instead of constantly moving from one place to another. He is not able integrate society because the bond that he creates with his mates and care givers is constantly broken each time his parents moved, so he keeps to himself and do nottrust anymore. At this stage of life a child needs to deepened their relationship and attach to an adult that he knows and can trust. Robert needs to learn to play with others children as through playing children develop social skills by giving and taking or participating in activities. Children need to have toys so that they can develop their imagination and learn new skills. According to Maslowhis basic needs are being met as Robert is well fed and has anything that money can buy. His father John will sometimes put him into bed and read bedtime story for him and he often collects Robert from his care facility. This is of great importance as Robert can spent some time with his father and get his full attention. The staffs try their best to meet his individual need by giving him the timeand tools to trigger his intelligence as he has a higher ability compared to children of his age. They encourage language based activities so that to enable him to develop his speech.

The feeling of belonging to his family and his care group is imperative for Robert to be later an equilibrate member of the society. As a child he needs to belong to a family gives him a sense security and they...