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06 nov 2010 – EBS - Les diablerets

Douglas ARTHUR – Evangelist Group

Raising up leaders

Ephesians 4v11-...: Different components, aspects in a church. How to get prepared to serve God.
Topreach the word & To prepare God's people for work of service.

Few things specific to an evangelist.

To bring Passion in the ministry. Jeremaiah20 (Everytime I open my mouth, there areproblems, but there is this passion burns inside of me, I can't stop from speak...) That's what I bring to the table. It requires emotion. Let's look at Jesus: Matth7v28-29: catch their attention, thencall them to decisions).
Luc3v1...The passion of John the baptist challenges me. He is not uncleared about what he says. Know what do concretly
Bring the passion. It takes courage to bringthe passion and the conviction.
When speaking, you've got to get the life along with it
It's not about me but about the people.
It takes a deliberate effort to
To use stories and makethem alive. You need to feel uncomfortable, almost stupid
Preach strongly and one by one you see the lights coming up.
See Boston website about public preaching

Choose and pick up thepeople you're going to work with.
Marc3v3 Jesus appointed the twelve. He chose them to have them with him to send them out to preach. To give/to take an advice. The idea of discipling is a biblicalthing to train. We need to help one another to grow in some areas. Who am I training? Who am I raising up?
Maciré, Hervé, Stéphane D, Victor, Xavier, Benoît.

Build partnerships. Ph1v1-8:Need to have a sense of gratitude. It's good to be encouraged, to have somebody who believes, who cares about you. That's we need to be for people we decide to disciple. Ex: Douglas Baltimore/Boston –Partnership in the gospel. Sense of committment, to have them in my heart.

Devoting yourself to do your job. It long consisted in batizing people.
You cannot move forward and...