Dear members of parliemen

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  • Publié le : 27 décembre 2010
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tDear members of Parliement, I’m here today to try to convince you that children may not work either in factories or fields, or mines. We have to pass a lay abolishing child labour. I'mfirst going to tell you the story of a British girl. From her fourth birthday to about the age of eight, Molly was working on a pit as a trapper. She used to wake up at half past three on themorning to go, dozing to the pit. From four o'clock a.m. to half past five p.m Molly staid alone on the mine without any light. She just had a break of fifteen minutes to eat at midday. Thenshe continued her painful labour up to the night besides she sometimes worked on the night shift. Occasionally, a supervisor spent the day with her beatting our dear little girl for hispleasure. When she came bach home Molly was compelled to help her mother making dinner for the whole family, however, in most cases there wasn't enough money to eat decently. She mostly went tosleep hungry. One day, Molly didn't woke up. She died of tiredness. Molly isn't the only child of Great Britain who was killed by the work. We all have heard of theses kids who have becomechippled of the machines in the mills. We all have seen these children going out of the pit, exhausted. We all have noticed these young people who go to Sunday-school hungry. Is that what youwant ? Let kids survive in pain and lack ? We weren't able to save Molly, yet we can save many other children abolishing the slavery of our own population, abolishing the servitude of ourfuture. I want to hear you say : "Children under the age of twelve are to attend school, thus, they will be educated and they will be able to become scientists, or other jobs which doesn'tkill people. Children under the age of twelve are not allowed to work at all. Children under fourteen may not work without a work permit." I want you to sentence the children work.