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Expression : Subject A

The scene takes place at night in the personnel manager’s office . Both have a discussion about work.

The personnel manager : - So Angela (the narrator) tell me whatyou want to talking ?

Angela (hesitating) : - I’m wondering if I have to say that because it’s something important into my mind…

The personnel manager : - I’m here for listening what youwant to say.

Angela : - It’s really nice, that’s why I will tell you . Over the past few years I wanted to get a job on the streetcars.

The personnel manager : - I see, and what was the issue ?Angela : - Unfortunately, they don’t accept colored people on streetcars.

The personnel manager : - What a shame ! I wish you had realize your dream .

Angela : - So do I, but it wasdifficult because they do not usually allow people of color to work there.

The personnel manager : - I regret to hear that, but I can’t help thinking that some people in this life, don’t like blackpeople. And I wish one day that will change.

Angela : - I totally agree with you, as for me now I change my mind into a state of determination because I don’t want to give up own my dreams.

Thepersonnel manager : - You right, and what about working for me like before ?

Angela : - As regards, I will say yes because I don’t mind staying here , and besides I fell good with this job.

Thepersonnel manager : - As you like.

Angela : - Exactly and thanks for all, what you are doing for me , I appreciate.

The personnel manager : - It’s nothing, because I see that you are one of thispeople who are determinate and smart at work.

Angela : - Thanks, and I hope you will not regret days later.

The personnel manager : - I don’t think so, and I convinced that you will do somethinggood with this job.

Angela : - Lastly, it’s a good thing by the fact I changed my mind now.

The personnel manager : - I hope now everything will be ok for you.

Then this long conversation,...