In the history of information we always heard about the lives of some characters that have spread nationally or internationally. Even if it’ s about a public figure like lady Diana or a common person like Sarah Scazzi scandals have always come to light. In this perspective we can say that the media often ten to disregard the privacy and suffering people. Frequently ,the medias speaks of the death of a member who is dear to us detailing the seconds before his death which may be subject to discomfort and pain generator for us. So very often the information hunters do not really care about that because many of them are just looking for a scoop for a shock info. We have in Italy the example of the politician Silvio Berlusconi accused of statutory rape in the Ruby case. Television channels have played forseveral weeks on the scandal in order to increase their hearings; the newspapers have spoken without worrying about the image that this spread could bring to the international scale about the serenity of the Italian government. But if we are interested in the definition of the word media to his original function we will noticed that it is quite normal that they put in light the new shock. Indeed, the media must convey the information, to counterbalance the power exercised by the government and prevent the people. Media, in the dissemination of information can be a way to fight so that what happened in the past don’t happens in the future
I think that it is good that the media perform their role and power but the dissemination of information must be made in the right proportions for constructive [à continuer]

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