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Hello, my name is William Plague and Welcome to Questions for a twit ! Here are the contestants who concured for a Prize : a toilet paper !

ROMANO!:Heis as intelligent as a kid who is 4.
DIFOOL:He is a super-hero but he's silly!
SAMY: He is a super-ZERO !

Now,let's go! Let's start the game !What's the color of the brown horse of Elisabeth the second?

[Lucas et Eddy disent plein de couleurs sauf brown,orange,yellow]
[Guner réfléchit]No,No,No!!!
[Florent s'énerve et éxagère sur brown,avec guillemets]
No ! He's yellow, I'm sure !
Brown ?! YES!

Finaly, The most twittestis............................ROMANO!
And Samy and difool are intelligent!
What's the Biggest animal in the world?

The Mouse? NO
Lizard? NO
Worm? NO[Guner s'endrort] Samy, WAKE UP! Chips?![Guner se réveille] [SOUPIR]
Samy,What's the Biggest Animal? It's me? Absolutly!
I'm not sure... The Whale?YES!
Finaly, The most twittest is................................... SAMY!
And Difool and romano are intelligents!
What's the name of the monkey ofMickael Jackson?

Bubbles[les trois en meme temps]

One at a time please! I will decide the winner between them seriously!
[Florent fait semblant dedépartager] Samy!
Samy! You are the Best Twit Today ! I Give you're prize! A Toilet Paper!

Thank you! I need to go to the toilets![il y va en courant]You're not sad to lost, Romano and Difool?
[ils sont en colère]

This TV Show is Finish! See you on Saturday for a next Question for a twit!