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Facebook is a social network service created by Mark Zuckerberg. The aim of this website is to stay in touch with your friends in the whole world.
The video is a parody of Facebook. Through thecharacter, the Facebook users in the film are portrayed as loner people, who find it hard to relate other people and don't really know what to do with their spare time. They are described also as pervertpeople. People who like spend hours browsing the photographs of other people. People who live a vicarious life. This video laughs at Facebook users.
From my point of view Facebook is a good idea.Firstly, this website permit to talk with people who live in a foreign country. It permit to stay in touch with messages. You can talk with your friends online as well. Moreover, you can find oldfriends, a person whom I didn't see for a long time. Loads of people found back their old classmates or anyone else.
Then, for me, watching photographs isn't a pervert thing. Besides, the photographs havebeen published so as to be watched. With the vacation pictures or pictures of foreign countries, you can see new landscapes, new places. In a way, you learn about other way of life.
As regards thevoyeurism, you can adjust the privacy settings and thus, prevent the chosen category of people and people who aren't your friends to see your profile and your information.
In addition to that, thereare many applications who are very interesting. You can create your own event, loads of associations or bands use this application in the aim to advertise and grow your social network. It permit to dobusiness.
On the whole, I think the social network like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace are the symbol of our generation. Nowadays, the people need to connect between themselves, they need to stay intouch every time. And this websites enable them to communicate more easily. It permit also to make new friend, to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Or, maybe to get a job. That's why, Facebook,...