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Title: Innover dans l’enseignement supérieur

Author: Denis Bédard & Jean-Pierre Béchard

Source: Presses Universitaires de France ; Janvier 2009 ;Chap. 4 : L’enseignement supérieur : un milieu sous influence ? (Patrick Pelletier).

Graduate schools in the world are more and more linked to theirenvironment. There is a kind of pressure for schools: they have to be up to date, to innovate in a globalised world because ways to work are changing.Innovation in Graduate Schools is due to their organisation: director, programs director, teachers...and students determine the way school will develop. Schoolshave to attract students but also have to choose the “good” pupil that is to say the one that will be part of this “family”.

To better target theiraims, Schools try to be granted by famous labels such as AACSB, as to allow new kind of students. It helps them to be known all around the world and to bemore attractive for foreigners.

Another goal for Schools is to be as close as possible of the needs of companies: their subject (Foreign Languages,Management, Marketing, Trade...) must be chosen for the future job of students. In fact, it can be done thanks to the feedback of companies. This relationshipis the main point of an innovating business school. It is a guarantee of employment for junior managers.

Interest for the research:

Brest BusinessSchool has to attract students every year. It is interesting to know how School is situated against competitors and how it can improve its reputation.