Gay adoption

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Should we allow homosexual couples to adopt children?
Definitely I will say YES. Let me tell you why.
Right now, there is a critical shortage of adoptive and foster parents all around the world. Asa result, many children have no permanent homes, while others are forced to survive in an endless series of substandard foster homes. Statistics in 2008 said that only 20% of children have beenadopted. The 80% of children who are awaiting for adoption have been historically been viewed as "unadoptable" because they are not healthy white infants. Instead, they are often minority children and/oradolescents, many with significant health problem like HIV. There's much evidence documenting the serious damage suffered by children without permanent homes who are placed in substandard foster homes.Children frequently become victims of the "foster care shuffle", in which they are moved from temporary home to another temporary home. It's not surprising, therefore, that long term foster care isassociated with increased emotional problems, delinquency, substance abuse and academic problems. According to that, I'm convinced that for the child best interest, the family whether gay or not, isbetter than the foster-care system.
People against homosexual adoption usually argue that children need a role model, both male and female, but how about divorced parents and single parent children? Wemust admit that they have only one role model two. Usually those children can find positive mother/father figures within family members like uncles, aunts, grandpa, grandma or friends. Children goingup for adoption are psychologically stressed from losing their parents for any reasons like death, abandonment, etc. If this kids are adopted, even by lesbians and gay couples, they will be gladthat at least someone cared for them and gave them love.
Another argument against gay adoption is based on Christian values and teaching. "Honor your father and your mother" invokes the fifth...