Have you experinced a sudden revelation ?

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A little more than two years ago, inthe middle august, as my stay in summer camp in England ended, I was sad for it to be over, in spite of me return into my country. Thus, I took a planeLondon-Toulouse in which I had the privilege to be in the first class (without that it puts charged because there were idle places in this one and because the equipage of the plane wished to perform thecompleteness of the plane.?) Thus, I was, thanks to a big stroke of luck surrounded by businessmen and rich tourists, in big and comfortable leather seats. We took off a short time later, and when the planereached that cruising speed, two busy stewards brought us drinks as well as meal, and asked each of us if we wished to read something. My two weeks of summer camps had completely isolated me of all theeconomic current events to which I attached a lot of importance to for several years, because this was the section which I chose for my studies later on in life, but especially of my interest forfinancial markets . To re-connect me to the current events, I thus asked one of the stewards to give me a copy of the newspaper Le Monde. After he gave it to me, I leafed down it in search of theeconomic pages and by chance I come across two articles which seemed interesting: first, on the oil bubble (which made in this period many speak about her?), and which was soon going to explode because ithad achieved a critical point; second one, on the real estate in the United States. This second article, at first sight harmless explained of implicit way that the American real estate market be verynear arrived at a point of no return, in particular because of the excess of liquid assets which had been lent to foyers not reliable (the term of "subprimes" will arrive later in the ordinary languageto qualify all this). Before reading this article, I had as everybody the image of the indestructible American state, the power of which never could reduce. But my vision was completely upset after...