He is the quintessential designer

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‘He is the quintessential designer. Heknows more than anyone what will have in our hands in five years’

The text Under study is an extract of an article puplished in the Guardian in 2007 andwritten by Ian sample, who talk about Jonathan Ive designed as the senior vice-president of industrial design at Apple Inc. This article explain firstly how much talent have Jonathan Ives and how he becamean essential ingrédient to the mac recipe.

Then, Ian sample tell that Ive and his team in designing the iBook, the iMac and the iPod have determined a génération style, moreover appreciatedistinguished key figures like the queen. After, the author recount the Jonathan Ives career. The british designer was born in Chingford, he went to Newcastle Polytechnic in order to learn industrial design,thus he discovered himself a real talent. He developed, for his final year, a monetary system presented as an pebble shaped object which could be used instead of a credit card or cash. A reallyinovative idea. Then, a year later, he joined Tangerine, a London design company and worked on many various projects.

In 1992, the british designer joined the american multinational corportation :Apple, where he met his first success : the colourfull all-in-one iMac computer and latterly the ipod, considered by the contemporaries as his greatest design success.

Ian sample conclude his article intelling that the iPod innocent look, will have probably influence for years.

Since 1992, it’s thanks to Ive that Apple setted up on the international scene, like a reference in design and cuttingedge technology. Jonathan Ive is the Genius who transformed computers from grey boxes to objects of desire. Indeed, before the 90’s, Apples computers were just cube-shaped blocks, and it seems thatthe design was not really considered.

It have a cold and sad look in comparison with ones which Jonathan Ive designed. The famous designer made a brainstorm in created the Power Macintosh G3, sweet...