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who they are?

Hedley is a Canadian pop rock band from Abbostford in British Columbia. Theband is made up of four people wich are Jacob Hoggard, lead singer, Tommy Mac on bass, Dave Rosin at the guitar and Chris Crippin on drums. The name of the bandcome from the town of Hedley in British Columbia. The idea came when they heard that the town of Hedley was for sale for 346 000$.

what did they do?

Jacobarrived in 3rd place in Canadian Idol and that's pretty much what started the band. The actual members of the band saw him on the show and called him up. They werefirst of all called ''Olympics'' but they changed for ''Hedley'' when they saw the town for sale. Their first hit was the single ''On my own''. In 2006, theysigned a record deal with Capitol Record in the United States. They started touring with Yellowcard. In 2007, they recorded their 2nd album Famous Last Word wichwent platinum after ten days after release. In 2009, the band reliesed their 3rd studio album The Show Must Go.

Why are they famous?

Hedley started becomingfamous because of Jacob Hoggard who was in Canadian Idol. He was known because he is a very good singer. When Jacob Hoggard join the band, people were veryinterested to see what kind of music they were doing.

Why you chose them?

I chose Hedley because that's my favorite band of all time. I love their music and in showthey are amazing. I saw them 3 times in show and I feel like I could see them a lot more. They are very funny and the most important is that LOVE to have fun!