How to grow marijuana hydroponically

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Well, you have opened my book, and you are probably
wondering what a toilet has to do with growing marijuana . . .
perhaps you have never heard ofhydroponic gardening.
That is what this book is all about; turning you on to an old
method of growing plants in the absence of soil and using it
as a brand new method of growingsuper weed!

The word hydro, meaning water, and the word ponic,
meaning working, makes the definition of hydroponics
water-working. Growing plants in an inert substance such asgravel, with a liquid nutrient solution circulating through the
growing medium, results in faster growing, healthier plants.

As for the toilet, it is a completely functionalhydroponic
garden. There are, however, better things to use for a growing

No longer is there a need to hassle with all the pots and soil
one needs to grow plants theconventional way.

All you need for hydroponics is one tray four to eight inches
deep that can be used for the entire growing cycle of your
plants from seedlings to maturity. Asfor the growing medi-
um, you can use gravel, vermiculite, sand, or even broken
pottery. Best of all, it can be made fully automatic so that you
don't even need a green thumb toget excellent results with

All the information you need to grow your favorite plants is
in the chapters ahead. Of course, I do not recommend grow-
ing anythingillegal. As you all know. growing marijuana is
illegal in the United States. Therefore, it is the author's recom-
mendation that you read this book for your own personalinformation. However, all of the information in this book can
also be applied to growing legal plants, vegetables and
herbs in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional