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I made my internship in a store of “Lissac enseigne” distributor of product of optics in France.
This experience is very rich in lesson. It has show to me the life as employee of a company, therelationship that you can have with the customers...
The store is in a shopping center thus it is necessary to work in team because there are many customers and thus a lot of work.
When you work in astore you dont see any more the business in the same way. When we are a customer, we are treated as "king" while when we are a saleswoman we have to serve the customer. It is difficult because all thecustomers arent nice and in spite of that it is necessary remained pleasant and smiling. I thus go to a first part expose the point of view of the salesman then in the second part the point of view ofthe customer on them customers’ services.

I had to integrate into the team with ease. My role was to help the opticians by assisting them. I answered the telephone, welcomed the customers, and tookcare of the facing and the stocks.
As saleswoman I had to make everything so that the customer stays in the store to have more chances than he buys something. I had thus various techniques. Thefirst one, I suggested in customer sitting down and brought them a coffee, a tea; so that child doesn’t disturb their parents and the other customers I gave them candies and colourings.
Lissac is acompany which demands that the atmosphere in store is family. Thus I was to be very welcoming.
When I sold glasses, I left a distance between the customer and me so that he doesn’t feel oppressed and sothat he comes more naturally towards me so that I the advice. I have of learn fast because it is difficult to sell products which one do not know. When the customer feels that the salesman knows hisjob it is more opened to buy.

I was able to analyze the various points of view of the customers when I made my internship. There is different typical of customers. There are those who are loyal and...