Is the concept of global governance, particularly as it is applied to global labour markets and employment relations, realistic?

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The globalisation is stronger and stronger nowadays and this can explain that people are wondering if global governance could be realistic.
This is the question that I will try toanswer with this assessment; particularly talking about global labour markets and employment relations.
This could be interesting to begin by defining globalisation; this is the internationalisation ofthe exchanges. These exchanges can concern trade, communication, technology, finance, information, people, ideas, etc.
The internationalisation of these exchanges involved the abolishment of theboarders, the harmonisation of cultures, but also the emergence of global issues.
The strong globalisation of the world brings to the question of the global governance. In this assessment first of allwe will talk about the concept of global governance. Then we will talk about the global governance applied to the global labour markets and employment relations. Finally, we will see the factors, whichcan obstruct to global governance.

The concept of global governance

The concept of global governance is related with several points: politics, economy, environment, and social. So that, globalgovernance involve a global behaviour, and a global thinking.
In order to face it international institutions had to be created. Post Second World War settlement as World Bank and IMF reflects thatneed.
The regionalisation is a start in the global governance, area such as the European Union are created in order to standardised the rules, the norms.
All of that make easier the exchanges andmake a global world.
However, even if the world become global, having global governance may be more difficult. Each head of state is not agree with each other, the development of each country is notequal and that involve different needs. That is why global governance is not efficient today.

Global governance and global labour markets

Particularly applied to global labour markets and...