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It's quite clear that on our planet, there are countries which have different policies in terms of freedom of expression. We have western countries where it is possible to speak freely is only if itremains legal. And then we have Communist countries, Islamic countries where freedom of expression is virtually nil. I think that where ever we are, there are limits. On one side, there are thewell-guarded limits, where people are just filling that they have that valuable freedom ( i think to westerns countries) and on another side where the limits are formally defined like China, communist's andmusulman's countries. A country should not allow a complete freedom of expression to people. It can lead to major misunderstandings between the people who may still poorly understood things and thestate. The major part of the population is often poorly educated, so a complete freedom of expression can only harm the population. it can cause discontent towards the population in the near zeroexpression's freedom's countries. The question that arises is:
Do we have to tell the truth to the people or it does not need at all? I think any extreme is good. Somehow you have to be in the middle,not always say the truth and not always lie, or just make others believe that they can say anything.
Faut il instaurer une limite à la liberté d'expression?
Faut-il dire toute la vérité?

1) Il esttrès visible dans notre monde des pays qui mènent de différentes politiques sur le plan de la liberté d'expression. Nous avons les pays occidentaux où il est possible de s'exprimer librement enrestant dans le cadre autorisé Et puis nous avons des pays communistes, des pays islamiques où la liberté d'expression est quasi nulle. Moi je pense que où que nous soyons il existe des limites D'un coté ily a des limites bien gardées, où on a l'impression de détenir cette précieuse liberté (je pense a l'occident) et d'un autre coté où les limites sont définies formellement (Chine, pays communiste,...