Joseph william malord turner

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Joseph Mallord William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner was born in London on April 23, 1775, and became one of the greatest English artists. Joseph Mallord William Turner produced exceptionaland great works. He never trained as an artist but learned quickly and was very talented.
At the age of 14, Turner received a scholarship to the Royal Academy and a year later, in 1790, showed hisfirst watercolor in the academy's annual exhibition. The critics and his supporters were enthusiastic about the skills of the talented young artist. Joseph Mallord William Turner received greatrecognition.
Afterwards Turner travels across Great Britain. He captured his experiences in sketches that formed the basis for his watercolors. In 1796 he produced his first oil painting ("Fishermen atSea") and three years later became an extraordinary member of the Royal Academy. During that time Joseph Mallord William Turner already enjoyed financial independence. He moved out of his parents'house and rented a place in Harley Street. That year he also travels for first time to Europe. His first destination was France, where he wanted to see the pictures exhibited in the Louvre, that had beenstolen by Napoléon.
In 1804 Joseph Mallord William Turner was financially able to build a gallery onto his house, in which he exhibited his own works. Within four months he produced over 2000pencil sketches of Rome and its surroundings.
Having returned to England, he began to paint his idea of the power of light. Even though he did not change his style abruptly, he drew a clear line betweenhis commissioned work and his experiments scene of the time. Three years later he became a professor of perspective at the Royal Academy. Many of his most famous pictures were created in the last fewyears of his life.

Joseph Mallord William Turner died at the aged of 76 on December 19, 1851 in London. He was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral. In his will he left three hundred oil paintings and...