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KUNST 1600 dry piston vacuum pump
Case Analysis

Ankit Arora
Constance Kulinckx
Sandjay Moutien
Anurag Badoni

KUNST 1600 dry piston vacuum pump
* Injection molded :Fewer workingparts
* Aluminium made: No problem of rust
* Pumping speed: 1.6 cubic feet per minute(CFM)
* Price:$400 Wholesale $500 Retail
* Weight: 16.5 pounds
* No oil needed as acids arevaporized directly into the atmosphere

The US market
* Home refrigerator repairs: 60000 units
* Light commercial refrigerators repairs: 40000 units
* Residential AC repairs: 125,000Findings after market research
* Usage of vacuum pump is 30 minutes. This time is used to do other chores.
* Vacuum pump rarely failed on the job
* Technicians never hit a perfect zero andremoved the pump after the pressure was decreased to acceptable levels it was not perfect but it lasted the season
* Vacuum pump was considered a disposable item. The cost came out to be $.50 perjob
* The owners were more concerned about the labor cost which was very high
* Although oil change was required after every job, the technicians changed the oil once a week and some once aseason
* Pumps were not handled properly and were prone to rough usage
* Technicians challenged the company’s claim that the 1.6 CFM pump takes equal time to do the job as the 3 and 6 CFM pump.* PumpWizard was identified as the top brand
* Kunst was found to have a poor brand recall

Residential AC repairs: A lucrative market
* Revenue expected: 125000 units Growing at15% CAGR
* Savings expected by AC repair firms:
Oil Change = $8 per quart

This means $8*1000= 8000 USD
Labor cost saved:$15*1000=15000 USD
Time saved : .5*1000 = 5000 hours
Other costs saved : (.15+.50)*1000 = 750 USD

* Weighs less than conventional pump
* Avg no. of jobs = 1000 per season