Language of commentaries

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Warning: don't think that using technical vocabulary is enough to ace your paper. The quality of your of on work also depends the richnessand naturalness thelanguageyou use,to describethe effect of a text, to the effect on the reader.Here is a range of expressions help you shapeyour the author's intention or This list is far from exhaustive:keep addingtoit as you read ideas,and use synonymsto avoid repetitions. and discovermore expressions! The following terms can be used to describe: or \ilhat the text or writer says,expresses suggests show - thischapterprovides no account of the ball we of - because this digression are madeawareof - such an ending betrays - the use of euphemismcalls attention to on - the narrator concentrates - hercharacteris delineatedin great detail Poe's ability to - all this demonstrates - such a remark might denote a lack of - the author has chosento depict - the secondstanzadescribes - the dialoguedisplays - thenarrator draws attention to - thesecommentsare evidencethat - his concernwith morality is evidencedby evokes - the passage exhibit - thesesentences - the novelistexplores - the narrator focuseson - thedescriptiongivesus a hint of - the metre here seemsto indicate that offers us - the passage novel portrays / signalsi throws light on - the - the poet reflectson reveals - the useof language / - theauthor argues/ asserts maintains statesthat - centre on - the stanzais basedon - the story hinges around - deal with - the poem is a commentupon - the narrator focuseshis attention on - the authortackles - convey/ express - the narratorbuilds up a - the poemcelebrates to - this contributes words convey - these distils an impressionof - the passage expresses - the enjambment - the poet strikes anote of - the novelistvoices - the text yields explain we can account for this line elucidates the use of this image illuminates the poet makes plain the poet states It is worth noting that illustrate...
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