Le silence des agneau, le film (en anglais)

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The silence of the lamb

Main Characters

Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) is a student at the FBI Academy.
She hoped to work
at the Behavioral Science Unit, trackingdown serial killers and
ultimately apprehending them. She'll interview Hanibal Lecter
to ask him for help to catch a serial killer: Bufallo Bill.

Hanibal Lecter (AnthonyHopkins) assists an FBI agent-in-training
named Clarice
Starling in catching a serial killer known only as "Buffalo Bill"
. Lecter and Starling form an unusualrelationship in which he
provides her with a profile of the killer and his modus operandi
in exchange for details about her unhappy childhood. Lecter
eventually stages a dramatic,bloody escape from captivity and

James Gumb kidnaps overweight women so he can starve them. He starves them so that their skin is much looser so after hemurders them he can more easily remove their skin to fashion a "woman suit" for himself. He considers himself transsexual, but is too disturbed to qualify for sex reassignmentsurgery. He becomes known as "Buffalo Bill" during his murder spree because of an off-color joke by Kansas City homicide detectives; upon discovering his first victim, thedetectives say "This one likes to skin his humps."


The silence of the lamb won an oscar in 1992 for:
-Best Actor in a Leading Role for Anthony Hopkins
-BestActress in a Leading Role for Jodie Foster
-Best director for Jonathan Demme
-Best picture for Edward Saxon, Kenneth Utt, Ronald M. Bozman

The silence of the lamb won acesar in 1992 for:
-Best foreign film

The silence of the lamb won a golden globe in 1992 for:
-Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for Jodie Foster