Le voile integral

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  • Publié le : 10 octobre 2010
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Friday, October 1st 2010
"This House believes that France is right to ban the face veil"
For the motion:
* against equality: symbol of oppression, submission of the woman and a disparitybetween the sexes. It is thus against the values of France, country of equality and human rights.
* denial (déni) of citizenship : the burqa affects" citizen's " idea because it is a denial ofidentification and especially an undifferentiated depersonalization. With the burqa: it is nobody; she is never recognizable in the civil space.
* against secularism (laïcité): The law of 1905 issupposed to adjust definitively the separation of the State and of the monk and consequently to ban the port of religious signs in places public as school. The principle of secularism is not compatible withwhat is considered as an instrument of proselytism.
* against safety : every person wearing the burqa is in the situation of a criminal getting ready to commit a holdup, the face covered with acowl.
* against security: can we accept that a masked mother comes to get a child at the end of the school, that a driver wearing niqab is flashed on the highway, that a bank employee opens the doorof his agency to an individual mask?
Against the motion:
* liberty: is the burqa dangerous for the freedom of others? Does the burqa create a disorder to the law and order?
* the mask is notforbidden: the legislation allows on the public highway the port of dark glasses, a false beard, a wig (perruque), a make-up modifying the appearance or even of a complete mask on the face. Whatspecificity thus presents the burqa?
* rare case: girls' proportion which wants to wear the veil in class is tiny. While seeing some veils, one doesn't become Muslim.
* shape of discriminationand persecution: by what right forbid a garment because of its cultural meaning? It is advisable to avoid resorting has bad cultural reasons without any legal foundation (we fight the Islam by...