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The hip-hop is a cultural and artistic movement which appeared in the United States in Bronx in New York at the beginning of70s. Native of black ghettos of New York, it propagated quickly to the whole country then to the whole world in the point to become an urbanimportant culture. The hip-hop combined the Music, the DJing, the MCing or Rap, the Beatmaking, the Beatbox, the Dance, the Graffiti and theclothing style.
The music hip-hop speaks about living conditions of Afro-americains in the district of Bronx (work songs, negro spiritual),about the tradition of the improvisation appeared with the ragtime then the jazz, and the musical dialogues (call and answer) presents in theblues. More directly, the music hip-hop comes of Soul late and of the Funk (James Brown), which are also Afro-american music.
The musicinclusive hip-hop too the Jamaican sound systems, on instrumental reggae played on the occasion of parties organized in Jamaica, and arrived inghettos New Yorker thanks to the strong immigration from this island, the three founding fathers of the movement hip-hop will be native of it.The hip-hop would be a bearer of the message: " peace, love, unity and having funny " (James Brown will make the title of one of hissongs), but also the respect for others as well as the unity of the peoples. The hip-hop is so a pacifist culture, in spite of the bad image.