Libertarian & constitution parties in the us

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Libertarian & Constitution Parties in the US

Two major parties exist in the US : The Democratic party (DNC) with its leaders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and The Republican party (RNC)with its leaders Georges Bush (actual president and John McCain).
But many parties still exist and they are called « the Third parties » (= « les partis tiers ») including the « big three thirdparties » :

. The Constitution Party
. The Libertarian Party
. The Green Party

and the «  Larger Third parties » including 10 other small parties.

I am going to talk about the theLibertarian Party and about the Constitution Party.

1. The Libertarian Party :

It was founded in 1971. The Libertarian Party is the biggest of the « third parties » with 600 elected members.
TheParty tells he is « a grassroots political organisation » (= un parti politique issu du peuple).

The ideology is the same as that of Americas' founders : « a world where individuals are free tofollow their own dream with their own ways, a world of peace, harmony, opportunity and abundance ».

- The Libertarian party is based on a principal of self ownership. Each individual has theright to
control his own body, action, speech and property.

- Each individual is unique. The party wants a system which would respect the individual and
encourage him to discover the bestwithin himself and develop his full potential. Being free and
independant is a great way to live.

People must choose what they want from life.

Government's only role is to helpindividuals to defend themselves from force and fraud.

The party is favourable to drugs decriminalization

The party encourages the free-trade (= libre échange)and the free market (= économiede marché )
He wants to cut income taxes and to reduce other taxes

The US will not intervene with the army in the affairs of other countries. The party will have a peace politic.