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Lord Fenimore Westmorland, died in 1952 on Dark Cliff, marrié in 1946 with Isabella Westmorland dead woman in 1949 on Dark Cliff exactly by an accident of horse (the horse was called Kali and she hadthe broken nape of the neck)
Already we have several coincidences:

They get married 3 years later she dies 3 years later he dies
They die in the same place
She had an accident of horsewhile she was very bright
2.-Westmorland had a brother, Angus, who was disinherited by his father because of his marriage

He says that they got along well, but the governess Beauty queen Petticoatsays that they quarrelled violently all the time.
Angus says that Westmorland is brilliant roughly, and that he often gives him some money
After death, Angus gets back all the property of hisbrother3.-Westmorland has a friend, Sean Mortimer, who had plantations of tea in India, but who lost everything after the independence.
They got very well and Sean got along well with Angus and RajivSingh and that they left often together on Dark Cliff.

4.-Rajiv Singh the servant of Westmorland finds him great kind and generous. He joined him in 1942 in India. Before he worked in Sean Mortimer'splantations

5.-Isabella had a son of a previous Marriage, Derek Vanderbilt.
Derek hated Westmorland, he thought that he had married her mother just for his fortune. He found him contemptuous andhaughty
It is persuaded that its death is due to a divine revenge to punish him 6.-Derek marries in 1946, the year of the marriage of her mother, princess Devi, girl of the Maharajah of Calcutta.They had a girl named Durga.
Things complicate.
A called goddess Kali ( harmful goddess) is the another face of the goddess Devi, the queen roughly, and Durga is the another face of Kali.
Kali,the name of the horse which killed Isabella Westmorland (that is it is of the provocation of our friend Derek or he is crazy).

Kali is also the goddess of Calcutta, or lives Devi
Here are the...