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Mainstream was written by a French journalist Frédéric Martel. He explains how mainstream products succeed in the world except in Europe. What does mainstream mean? Mainstream is anotion. It refers to the common thought of the majority. It's a term most often applied in art. For example, blockbusters are mainstream. Mainstream has two aspects: • • something that is available to thegeneral public something that has ties to corporate or commercial entities

Actually, we live in a world of mainstream. Everybody knows: the Da Vinci code, Facebook, Susan Boyle, Lady gaga,inception, MacDonald... I will focus on TV show. There are five kinds of US TV show (series, serial, sitcom, soap opera, telenovelas). A series is a TV show in which a story is told in a unique episode. Thementalist is a series. A serial is a TV show in which you follow a story in several episodes. A sitcom is cheap funny series. A soap opera is a cheap romantic serial. They show us some cultural aspectof the American society: Family and friend are important and Christian morality. But TV show is a real industry. A pilot can cost around 10 millions of dollars it represents the budget for a Frenchmovie. On episode can cost around 4 millions of dollars. USA TV show are the most famous. They help to export other cultural product. For example, Lady gaga played in Gossip girl. They made stars such asBruce Willis in "Claire de lune". And best directors can shoot movies like JJ Abrams. He shot clover field and the last Star Treck. Telenovelas are soap operas which are made for South American. Themost famous telenovelas come from Brasil and Mexico. They are famous in South America, USA (Spanish speaker), African countries, Spain, Germany, Russia French west indies. The particularity of SouthAmerican societies are the Christian morality, Huge gap of wealth and the importance of the beauty. Like US TV show they export other cultural product through TV show. Bebel Gilberto is a Brazilian...