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The China Source Book
A collection of insights into China’s consumers in the year of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

TNS China Source Book

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China Source Book – Contents
A welcome message from TNS China, CSM Media Research and CTR Market Research China’s market research industry races ahead

China’s view of the world
6Hypermarkets are helping to create a new shopping culture among China’s middle classes

Guide your marketing in China with these 10 important consumer trends

The making of China’s Olympic dream

China is competing with Germany and the UK as the world’s third largest market for advertising

Online China enters new territory How the China Olympic Sponsorship Benchmarking System ishelping Olympic sponsors measure their return on investment
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China’s car market shifts into top gear Will China’s cosmetics market soon eclipse the United States?
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How China’s taste for luxury is growing

Who are China’s favourite sports stars? The TNS China Sports & Sponsorship Barometer provides some insights

Insights into China’s elderly – the fastestgrowing segmentof China’s population

Is Mobile Instant Messaging about to overtake SMS in China?

China’s TV shows tune into the Olympics

A look at China’s booming credit card industry
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Short biographies of our TNS experts

TNS China Source Book

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Welcome to the ChinaSource Book
It’s a well-worn cliché that China’s 1.3 billion population represents the world’s largest market. With a GDP in 2007 of RMB 24.6 trillion, it’s no surprise that China is a magnet to the world of business. But a variety of other statistics bring China into a much sharper focus. At the end of 2007, there were 547,286 million mobile phone subscribers, and 210 million active Internet users.More than five million passenger vehicles were sold in China in 2007. China has 3,000 TV channels, and more than 20,000 cities and towns; more than 100 cities have a population greater than one million. Prosperity is on the rise. Measure this in terms of TVs if you like. At the end of 2007 there were 137.43 TV sets per 100 urban households. Or measure it in terms of the number of wealthyindividuals. There were approximately 350,000 US$ millionaires in China by the end of 2007. And China is an astonishingly dynamic society; the 20 million rural Chinese who move to China’s cities each year underline this. Around the world, TNS understands the consumer better than any other company. In China, it’s no different. In 2007, for example, we surveyed more than 1 million Chinese consumers in morethan 300 cities, communicating with them via the internet, the phone or face-to-face. During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, more eyes than ever will be turned to this country. We hope you find the TNS China Source Book informative. Best wishes
Jim Sailor

China’s market research industry races ahead
China is likely to have the world’s fifth largest market research industry by around 2012,eclipsing Japan on the way
China’s hunger for market research shows no sign of abating. During the last five years, money spent with market research agencies in China has doubled, and over the past 10 years it has quadrupled. The result? The sector is today worth US$600 million★. TNS believes that by 2009, it will have grown by as much as 70% from this level to become worth more than US$1 billion.By around 2012, China will overtake Japan and will be the world’s 5th largest market for market research. It is realistic to expect market research in China to show 15% to 20% real growth in the next five years, and certainly double-digit real growth for the next 10 years. Even when China eclipses Japan, there will still be significant room for growth based on annual market research spend per...