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Online Situation Analysis

Offline marketing strategy (TV, radio, newspaper, billboard ...)

For the moment there is no offline marketing strategy for Renault ZE car.

Online marketingstrategy


Internet is an increasing media vehicle in automobile industry.

This media vehicle is strategic because it was the first to give public information about Renault ZE, one yearbefore the launch expected in January 2011. Thus they lunched a website dedicated to the new car that give some content and is gradually updated. It offers newsletters each month for people who wouldrequest it online. It permits to Renault to estimate a potential demand for its new car and also reach expectations of people by asking them questions. Moreover, They intend to do some databasemarketing by sending informational e-mails to potential customers.

Through this media vehicle they give gradual information in order to reach interest from interested people who possibly talk about it totheir friends.

Besides internet is a useful tool to anticipate needs and expectations of potential consumers and estimate demand. We will be able to assess to reach the number of informationdemand about the new brand.

They are also able to measure the number of visits in this dedicated website to evaluate the interest, by counting the direct and/or indirect connections (through links inother websites). The opening rate of e-mails and newsletters sent to Renault’s database is also a useful indicator.

And of course, website indicate us the number of visits of people reallyinterested in purchasing a car and of course the number of commands passed for a “Renault ZE”.

They also affect a team to reach opinions of people on “Renault ZE” on internet forums dedicated to the carand/or the electric cars in general. That is another source of information about people’s opinions on Renault ZE and it could lead to improvements in communication and advertising and commercial...