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the author: English, Hector Hugh Munro (1870-1916), writes witty (sensées) and macabre novels= satires of society and culture. ->Framton Nuttel: "nut" means mentalinbalance, confirmed by the fact he's in the country to escape stress, avoid it and rest his nerves; He's mope and depressed-> that's why he flees Vera: "veracity", or truth.Ironical, she's a liar= her name belies her actions. Sappleton: close to "simple ton": humoristic Action probably takes place in the middle of country-side, in the house ofgenteel society (the husband wears a white coat, she wants to keep a tidy carpet) = ghostes, joke (imagination/ creation) Vera is an avatar of the narrator story aboutcreating stories gothic opposite to humour (gradation) Vocabulary: presently: d'ici peu (GB)/ tout de suite (USA) self-possessed: maître de soi-même, posé in themeantime: meanwhile to put up: endurer to shatter: bouleverser, mettre en pièce: a shattering experience to mope: broyer du noir (différent de to mop: passer la serpillère!!!)genteel: well-to-do: wealthy: conventional= aisé he's likely: il est susceptible de gullible: crédule to belie: infirmer, démentir to flee: fuir to deride someone: tournerquelqu'un en dérision to undergo: suivre (un traitement) dread: fear= peur twilight: le crépuscule formlessness: sans forme noiseless: sans bruit to endeavour: to try: toattempt= essayer to doubt: douter formal: formel to do something towards: contribuer a cure: un traitement (nerves) break down: dépression (nerveuse) to bury: enterrer(a burial: un enterrement) from+ v-ing: à force de, à cause de a scattered concentration: une concentration relâchée leisure: loisirs tidiness: propreté mansion: maison.