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I/Racist image
Cons :
I think that advertising is not profitable to the brand image. The consumer first sees the picture and sloggan and only after the product name. The sloggan and image shown may be misinterpreted. When the consumer reads the sloggan may interpret it as racist propaganda. The image reinforces this impression through several elements. The white model ishighlighted and an attitude of superiority toward the black model. This is evident in the way she hold her face. She was forced to look straight in the eye, in a submissive position.
No racist idea but rather of Buzz Marketing.
The idea is to create a buzz to make speak about ourselves. Neither more nor less. One uses the consumer as relay with the advertisement. It marks its point: everyonesees post and speaks about it. It’s the goal of good campaign marketing: one speaks on the left and on the right and undermines nothing about it word PSP comes towards everyone.
The purpose of the operation? Create the debate. With this ad whole Web wondered if the ad was a racist. Every time one in spoken about the ad we spoke about Sony and\or about the PSP. I do not know if you imagine y therelay that ca in established for our mark .We will get everybody with a campaign like this. And you exist in Medias.
It is of the Buzz marketing: effective. They want that we speak about it, that works.
The objective of advertising is reached: make speak about us by persuading a racist advertising. Of the racism? I do not think... Of the provocation? Probably because to play the criterion of theskin color it is very dangerous.
We play on highly-rated provocative. If possible we place the campaign in strongly visible spaces. We spent a good moment to think about what we made. There is no symbolism in the images. There is a side provocation wanted.
After all, why do not to present these women, and thus consoles, under a day of cooperation rather than dominance? The white and blackconsoles represent the same firm and the same product, then why to introduce a conflicting symbolism? By pure provocative spirit.
We only wanted to create a strong contrast between the black and the white, but we intended not at all to make some discrimination to somebody. Even if this advertising poster was perceived in a unexpected way, we have no racist intention.
For the frizzy hair it is acaricature. It is a deliberated choice. Has a casting there which in realized summer. It is exactly this caricatured side which makes that it is too big to be really tinged with racism. That in thought summer, tested, analyzed to strike the consumer unconsciously. By resuming caricatures we are almost safe to get the world. By appealing to the collective imagination, to the images and caricature whohaunt him we want to make cross a feeling.

II/Colonialist propanga image
The black model wears the clothes worn by slaves. This may suggest an image of colonial propaganda. Especially since the sloggan can also be interpreted as a sloggan pro-colonialist. "White is coming" could hear in the superiority of whites over blacks. This advertisement does not correspond to the launch of the psp.It is like colonialism likened to a game since being promoted through the playstation an image of superior whites-blacks.
It is necessary to stop seeing symbols everywhere. It is the persons who are shocked by these posters which make most wrong have the black community. The advertising executives who will not dare to appeal any more has colored persons because that generates too manyconflicts which are worth really not the punishment, and thus conclusion: companies employ only whites thus racial discriminations.
Here, you should not see of racism there. Both young ladies represent only both Psp. From you should not see behind the human beings a racist symbol on the skin color, but rather even the customization of console them. Both consoles are going to quarrel the place, and...