Relationship between physical food and spiritual nourishment

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Eat, what, more natural than eating! Once the baby to death the old man, this document is inked in the genes of man is automatic. Humans eat so that his body can find the energy necessary for its proper functioning while providing an immense pleasure and satisfaction. Food is the basis of the physical survival of the latter. It is therefore evident that there is no life without this contribution.Also true that eating is vital for man, the spiritual food is also vital for the Christian.
The man is a living, and this need not be proved because it is an absolute truth. But for him to remain living he must follow a certain rule which can be counterproductive. And this rule is the food. He should eat daily according to the dietary rules set up for his health. In obedience to this rule,therefore, none other than eating, he brings energy to his body. Like an automobile, when it receives the fuel, it can work and drive the driver where this desire. Similarly, the body cannot function without the input of energy. Once the food swallowed, it passes through the long process in the digestive tract. During this journey, food will be converted into energy that will feed each element of thebody (muscles, bones, etc.) through the blood. It is this action that regularly eats provides the body energy to actuate the pump better known as the heart, which in turn by his work sends blood throughout the human body via veins. This simple action of eating, which is the start of this process leads to a healthy person who eats.
Eating also brings pleasure to the eye, the palace of one who istaking this action. The result is satisfactory, and above all life. This act led therefore to the life of one who does. To live and be healthy, humans must eat. Besides, this is not a secret because even nature shows this.
If for any reason, man would go through a period without food, by choice (fasting), or because it is imposed (forced, desert geography, etc..), And he has eaten too much food,in other words, he would eat like a king after this period of deprivation, the result is inevitable, this action will result in an automatic negative reaction. Like this story where two children had found a puppy abandoned on the street. It was dirty and had obviously been hungry. The children agreed with their mother to allow them to bring this little animal. Once at home, the little dog had abath, then it was fed as ever in it life, the children do not care what might happen. The animal fell ill and died the next day. Their father then explained that the dog's stomach was not accustomed to a diet too rich and that's what killed it. There have been gradually feed the animal so that it accommodates to its new diet. Unless any disruption or a financial problem, everyone is feeding properlybecause no need to be scientist to know that it means to be healthy, and therefore there is no need to recall.

Similarly the need for each one brings food to his physical body, the Christian also needs to eat, and his mind also requires that he be given a spiritual food. And just as food provides the energy needed for the day, the spiritual power it brings about the energy needed by the mindin communion with nets and also to fight against what the Bible speaks: “Because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against authorities, against the universal lords of this darkness, against spiritual power of wickedness in the heavenlies” (Ephesians 6:12). Also according to David psalmist spiritual food is also a pleasure: “The precepts of Jehovah are right,rejoicing the heart; The Commandment of Jehovah is pure, enlightening the eyes” (Psalms 19:8).
However, it is curious that many Christians spend the whole week without spiritual food arrives when the Sabbath day; they want to enjoy a spiritual feast. It understands where this reaction a few minutes later, the Christian begins to get bored and cannot appreciate the full program planned for the...