Robin hood case study

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1) Problems and issues
- The augmentation of the size of his band. It would make things more difficult for Robin Hood to manage his band.
- The capacity to fund the increasing number ofpeople become very infrequent.

- Change his organizational structure and adopt a new strategy.
- Create a fixe transit tax

2) New mission/objectives/strategy
They need a new mission,objectives and strategy.

Because their initial mission “Rob the rich and give to the poor” is no longer effective to the band. The organization is changing so the mission statement has to berevised.

Moreover, there need to change their objectives by limiting the number of recruits.

A new strategy is also indispensable to meet the fund needs of the band (Robin Hood’s proposal to run apolicy of adopting a fixed transit tax to whomever passed through the Sherwood Forest is feasible but not really credible because they risk a lot, like losing the confidence of their allies).

3)Strategic options
In his case, the present strategy is obsolete and Robin has to change it. His options are:
- Reduce the number of new recruits
- Find other ways to find provisions for his men
-Delegate tasks and enforce discipline by adopting a recommended strategy
- Break the band into smaller group or joining forces with barons

4) Killing the Sheriff?
It is too risky to kill thesheriff and more it is totally useless, because the situation will not be improved by this murder. Sometimes, and in this case, what appears to be the easiest solution is not necessarily, because itworsens the situation. Like in this case, is there any guarantee that Richard comes back? Or that a man nicer than the sheriff takes his place?

5) Pros and cons to help barons
- King Richardwill be able to answer to the peasant’s needs and concerns
- Sheriff will not be in power and hence his threat will be minimal
- There will be no need to steal from the rich
- Dangerous...